Hunts Point Clean Trucks Program

Client Overview:

The Hunts Point Clean Trucks Program (HPCTP) is an environmental initiative led by the New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) that promotes sustainable transportation and a cleaner environment in the South Bronx, focusing on the communities of Hunts Point and Port Morris. The Hunts Point Food Distribution Center is a wholesale food market that occupies 329 acres, nearly half the Hunts Point peninsula in the South Bronx, making it one of the largest markets of its kind in the world. Approximately 15,000 trucks pass through the market on a daily basis.

Project Overview:

GNA Creative has worked with the NYCDOT since 2011 in ongoing marketing and outreach strategies to promote the HPCTP to the businesses that operate vehicles in and around the Hunts Point Food Distribution Center. The HPCTP offers attractive rebate incentives for the purchase of trucks with advanced transportation technologies and alternative fuels such as new diesel, hybrid electric, compressed natural gas, and battery electric trucks. The goal is to replace 600 older, polluting trucks with new, clean trucks. Over 500 trucks have been replaced as of 2017. GNA Creative continues to employ a multitude of promotional and marketing strategies, including:

  • GNA conceptualized and led the development of the overall HPCTP marketing strategy that uses a broad range of techniques to distribute messages effectively.
    • Established the overall graphic look, including logo design and program colors
    • Designed and launched the HPCTP educational website, with ongoing updates to the website content as the program progresses
    • Created templates for collateral pieces, including posters, brochures and flyers, in English, Spanish and Korean
    • Placed HPCTP advertisements in local journals and industry publications
    • Designed the template for weekly e-blasts, which keeps the community informed on an ongoing basis of program progress
  • GNA Creative develops, coordinates and produces all community engagement events and activities, which have included:
    • The program launch event in January 2012
    • The vendor network meeting for the truck dealerships and other vendors approved to work with the HPCTP
    • All stakeholder engagement events, most of which have been held at the Hunts Point Food Distribution Facility
    • The Clean Trucks & Technology Expo
    • The 500 Trucks Milestone Event
  • Established a network of program supporters throughout the local trucking and food distribution networks.
    • GNA identified and contacted a variety of key stakeholders, developing a data base of contacts
    • GNA continues to nurture and has leveraged the relationships with the diverse stakeholder groups, with ongoing promotion of the benefits of the HPCTP

Our Deliverables:

  • Email Campaign Development
  • Outreach List Development
  • Program Development & Speaker Management
  • Copy Writing
  • Graphic Design & Content Development
  • Back-End Website Development
  • Press Conferences & Media Relations
  • Community Engagement
  • Event Logistics
  • Brand Development
  • Email Marketing Campaign
  • Collateral Development
  • Messaging Strategy